Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Expectation vs Reality

  Hey world! My best and close friend, blogger who never disappointed me, always be my listener whenever something bad or good happened. Grateful ! Recently, I'd been Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) hahaha but yet still grateful because I do still can breathe the fresh air.

  "Keep your head up because Allah gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers !". Well, I do say that this quote really made my day. So many things happened, those good or bad will keep remain in my memories. Too many things happened until made I lost words. One by one come. Keep queuing even tho any of it still didn't solved yet. But, Thank you so much to anyone who always be there for me, be my good listener and always gives advice to me ! You guys really a great gift from Allah to me. I do appreciate 💗.

  As time goes by so fast, I would say I'm more better today than before, Thanks Allah. Since so many things happened and I'm so weak, I do take some time for myself to accept everything even tho its hurtful. But, what can I do. As unexpected things happened for a reason, try ma best to go through it. Well until now, still battles with it.

  Even tho you are not strong to overcome those hardships, but yet, you still need to wake up and Hey! go overcome it. People not gonna help you if you yourself didn't make the first step. - My life quote that help me a lot.
  Back to the tittle of this post, I do have problem to overcome my expectation to others, my bad.
I exist too much;
I feel too much,
Think too much.
Reality is crushing
The life out of me. - David Jones
  People around me told to me to stop care about others too much as they didn't think about me even a second. But, it so hard because I used to it already. I saw this meaningful quote that really suit with my situation. It say;
"Foolish Men Learn Only From Their Experience While Wise Men Learn From Other People's Experience"
so I am a foolish men who learn only from my own experience but not from other people's experience, FML.

  Thus, I am slowly learning that some people are not good for me, no matter how much I love them.
I just need time even tho time doesn't heal anything, it just teaches me how to live with the pain (itsteme)

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